night shifts at the gas station by Bogdan Dragos

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oh, how silly were all those idiots who entered the gas station and approached her cash register complaining about the rain outside 'Just because you think that the rain sucks doesn't make it a universal truth, asshole,' she would've told the last one if she could But as it was she just nodded and forced a lame smile and took the customer's money The gas station was alright most of the time. All that was not alright were the customers Nothing like being locked behind a counter and forced to smile and greet people while having to listen to their stories old ladies and families with kids and truckers and the occasional homeless who stumbles in drunk The worst of all were those who engaged in casual conversation That was the bane of her existence most of ‘em went like: "Nice ring you got there in your eyebrow, didn't it…

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  1. Can relate to this! Today, an elderly Person of Walmart gawked as she saw my teal undercut, advising her husband “look at her hair.” Yeah, look at it all you want! I love my hair!

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