What’s Prodigal Mean? by Bogdan Dragos

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he felt a bit guilty

about it

but just

a bit

He knew

it was wrong to

be happy

when father came home


and stupid

but it was the only time

when mother

came to sleep

in his room,

“because your father

needs to cool

off,” as she put it

It was a good deal

because she

slept in his bed

and let him

suck on

her breasts

and told him


“When I was your age,”


story went,

“I slept in a closet when

daddy came

home drunk. And my only

friend there

was a hanged tie

that looked like

a snake. I would stand on

my toes

and whisper in its ear, tell

it about my day,

about how my life


and how daddy beat me

and mommy

didn’t want me around either.

The snake tie listened.

It listened to

anything, everything…

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16 thoughts on “What’s Prodigal Mean? by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. How an “absent” father led this girl to yearn for the love and attention all in the wrong ways/places. Dark but surely an honest one.

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