transgressive fiction needs to make a comeback by Bogdan Dragos

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he used to write those very intense works about human suffering and degeneracy and the corruption of good souls into evil criminals - Breaking Bad style He hated supranatural stuff in writing. Stayed away from it. “It’s just stupid,” he said. “There’s more than enough magic, both dark and light, into the human heart to keep a reader entertained. You don’t need to invent it, just report it.” And he did in every one of his twelve books but unfortunately not one of them got published He had two agents who saw something in some of his works and tried to sell them, but after numerous failures they both gave up and parted ways with him Apparently it just wasn’t meant to be “It’s the state of today’s world,” he said. “The large majority of people have been reduced to an infantilized status. This generation grows up only with the…

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