Will Repair Umbrellas for Cash by Bogdan Dragos

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An old bearded man who appears to be dirty and homeless is looking up through some barbed wire
Image Source: Canva

I was at that age

when you

read whatever writing

catches your eye

by way of style


and stuff

It’s a sensitive age

for kids

The advertising

industry knows it

But the words I read

weren’t quite


They were written on a

piece of cardboard

placed next to

a homeless man who

sat on the curb under

the awning of

a pharmacy

the writing said




I thought I was good

at figuring out

commercials on TV

and even in magazines

and newspapers

but this one was

beyond me


Buddy, who in the hell

takes their umbrella

to the repairman?

Doesn’t make any sense

If an umbrella does

break, why not

just buy a new one? It’s

not expensive or


How can anyone make a

living repairing


No wonder the guy

was homeless

I kept thinking about


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