a matter of days for both by Bogdan Dragos

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this was needed

One more
strong coffee

one more

and then he
would go to

it was
almost morning

he would sleep
during the day
return the next
to write
more poems

His lower back
was hurting
It was either the
kidney stones
the hemorrhoids
or both
or something entirely

it was all right
A writer writes
and a sick man
and they are quite
the same

At 44
his wife was 22
years younger than him

She would still
make him coffee
and cook his meals
and even read his poems

The ones that weren’t
about torturing
and murdering women and
even got published online

About eleven
of them

He was on
the right path

Success will reach him
earlier than
death will

It was a matter of
days for

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32 thoughts on “a matter of days for both by Bogdan Dragos

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    1. Thank you! (•̀ᴗ•́)

      I was thinking, it’s quite weird how we tend to respect the artists who truly suffer for their work, but then strangely we want them to suffer forever. The moment they make it big and live a comfortable life, we no longer look upon them and their work with the same respect :))

      Perhaps it’s all a matter of being able to relate to them…

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  1. This poem is a raw open wound that’s killing people in domestic disputes BUT we need to hear more because it needs to be mended but needs to be suppressed so people don’t act on it. It’s a sensitive subject that more people are living in the midst of it all over the country whether it’s a male figure or not or poet or not. It’s scary and not to be taken lightly too many people have lost their lives by domestic murder suicide or just domestic murder

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    1. You’re absolutely right.
      I think it’s necessary to keep the barrier between fiction and reality as thick as possible.
      Sometimes things will still jump from one realm to the other, and there isn’t much we can do about it (other than hope they are of a positive nature).

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      1. Poetry is Non Fiction and all your pieces you do lay the reality on Thick and heavy. You have Coffee-table poems. Your really dope. Have you seen those gigantic books before on coffee Tables I could see you in one. People have discussions over books like that you have discussion pieces which is dope.

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    2. I don’t know how to get into one those books you would think it would be expensive unless you get a deal with someone offering that size book. And they would be pricey to print self publish chapbook or any book would be ideal I went SmashWords route with my Freebie you welcomed to view. SmashWords publish for free they go wide. They also connect to Amazon as well I think don’t quote but you can definitely get in Barnes Noble as well as other sellersRetail stores

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      1. Oh, I remember I’ve published some short stories on SmashWords a long, long time ago when I was quite bad at writing (worse than I am today).
        I never went back to check on them (don’t even remember the titles).

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        1. SmashWords is still something to keep in mind. Their super simple that what I like about them. Have a blessed day Bogdan check out my latest post I’m talking about SmashWords and mentioned I’ve spoke to a HeartBeats today.(You) have a beautiful evening I’ll be back on here early early morning possibly don’t hold me to that im fighting insomnia now TTYL Friend


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  2. Bogdan your a dope poet it’s just difficult reading topics as such with what’s happening in the world I guess you know a poet is good if you read their work and your soul shakes and that exactly what happened to me. Your definitely stronger than me to be free and speak on it in such a way. All the Greats spoke in such a way one of my favorites Allen Ginsberg wasn’t afraid of nothing. Stay that way. I have some growing to do. Let me start my day I would be on here chatting it up all day. TTYL

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    1. (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
      There is something so alluring about consuming dark fantasy.
      It’d say it’s something akin to the temptation to sin in real life :))


    1. Oh man, thanks so much!

      This reminds me, I’ve been putting off reading another biography of Buk. I should really get to it.
      I’ve read the one written by Howard Sounes once (it was simply awesome). Now I’m about to dig into the one written by Barry Miles. I know I’m in for a treat 🙂

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