Shoot Your Questions at the Abyss by Bogdan Dragos

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The empty glowing silhouettes of two side posed faces, one white, the other black and stone floors and walls around them
Image Source: Canva

there is one supreme

blissful presence


it’s night time

I’m in my element

Freshly awakened

after a day

of sleep

I’m not a vampire

I only used to wish I

were when

I first started living like

this. What can I say, I

was young and playful

Now I know I’m


worse than a vampire

My grandmother calls

me a blasphemer


God has left day and night

upon this Earth

for work and rest

and I laugh in his face

and piss on his blessing

by using it in


I sleep in the day

and use the time of

night to

wonder and to ask

why he had created me

the beauty of seeking

answers in the

night is

that you don’t have

to use your voice


will do

You won’t get the

answers, at least I didn’t,

but it feels good…

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