I Will Never Again Believe What You Say by Bogdan Dragos

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A young woman with blood smeared on her face and clothes holding a battered and bloody teddy bear
Image Source: Canva

At 1 AM she screamed

for daddy to

come quick, quick

and look under the bed

There were noises

and growls there,

she told him

Daddy turned the light on


dropped to his knees

and crawled to the edge of

her bed

Lifted the sheets

looked under

and felt the knife plunge

into his nape

His body dropped to

the floor and

struggled a bit before

giving a final breath

She threw the blanket

over him

and climbed off

dropped to her knees

and looked under the bed

with a grin

“It’s all right,” she said, “you

can come out now.”

But there was

no one

and nothing to

come out

that fucker lied


Just like with the hamster

and then the dog

now it was

her father

What or who

will be next?

She lay down

on her belly

and knocked the butt


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