Don’t Think, Just Go Along With It by Bogdan Dragos

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A woman with long hair covering her face and sitting at the center of a pentagram
Image Source: Canva

the candles were not

made of wax

it was something


Something that smelled

like sweat as they


there were five

of them

One for each

corner of the pentagram

They had to take

the furniture

and the carpet out

of the room

to trace it

in the middle

with powders he’d never

heard about

or smelled

or seen before

he’d never heard

or seen or

thought about anything

like this before

He just went


And now watched

her round, shaved head

in the dancing light

of the candles

She looked like

an eastern goddess

to him

“I think we’re ready,” she


He didn’t know what

they were ready for

but went along

again and

stretched naked over the

pentagram as instructed

and watched as

she mounted him

She rode him in complete


No moaning,

no heavy breathing,

like she felt nothing at…

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