they complete us by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

Dear readers

We have reached an agreement with Bogdan Dragos to publish the 5th series of his poems. We are grateful for his collaboration as we highlight that he has hundreds of readers who follow his publications every Wednesday.

Thank you Bogdan! —j re crivello (Director of Masticatores)

they complete us

"But real love," she says, "is when you'd sew your skin into the skin of your lover to become one. If I could cut off my arm from the elbow and cut yours off as well and join them together as one limb, I'd go for it. I'd then follow with the other arm, then the legs, and finally the chests and the foreheads and lips. We'd die of course, but that would be the beauty of it. We'd die together, as one. We'd become a mass of filth and puss and rot and eventually melt into a…

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