It’ll never be the real thing, of course. Yet in some ways it’s even better than the real thing

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By Bogdan Dragos

she didn't hide it No, she held it in full display in her living room It was a baby's head floating in a jar "I wish I could just unseal it and open the eyes," she said. "It would really look infinitely more beautiful if it had its eyes open. Maybe I could snip off the eyelids. But I'm afraid I won't be able to seal the jar back. This small wonder has been taken from a research lab. The baby was born dead so the mother, not a Christian one I take it, had donated its body for science. I too lost a baby, only mine died before exiting the womb. And I had this nerdy boyfriend at the time. He worked in the research lab and stole this for me. This is what true love is like. I tried again and again to get pregnant…

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4 thoughts on “It’ll never be the real thing, of course. Yet in some ways it’s even better than the real thing

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  1. I can’t Even. This is something you gotta read to the end. But I’m still uneasy and unnerved. But people in the world have done so much worse. Saying this to myself to try and stomach it. Creative and Twisted
    🤯Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🤯

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    1. ʕ ◉ᴥ◉ ʔ Hah, it’s true. No matter how twisted and disturbing you find something, it’s always better to just keep in mind that someone, somewhere in the world has done way, way worse…

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