Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

Welcome folks to the latest edition of my Brilliant Blogger Poet initiative which this week features what promises to be an intriguing and insightful interview with the daring & provocative Mr. Bogdan Dragos. He works in a casino by night dreaming of being a writer of renown, where I imagine he meets all sorts of interesting & strange people. Thank you Bogdan for agreeing to participate in this initiative.

1. First of all I’d like to ask you have you always been drawn to expressing yourself through the written word and telling stories?

Oh, absolutely not!
I hated reading and writing as a child and as a teenager. I hated school and everything that resembled or reminded me of it. One time I got into a fight with a friend at the end of summer vacation because he wouldn’t stop talking about how eager he was for school to begin…

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Piesa de șah

(づ ◕‿◕ )づ English translation HERE!

MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

Calul, ca piesă de șah
este un lucrușor destul de ascuțit
din cauza urechilor care stau în sus.

Bătrânul ăsta a ajuns în camera de 
primiri urgențe
cu o asemenea piesă în ochi
și bineînțeles medicii au întrebat cum
naiba s-a întâmplat și asta.

El le-a zis că oricum nu
vedea cu ochiul ăla.

– Bine, bine, dar totuși de ce-ați făcut-o? De ce
v-ați băgat piesa de șah în ochi?

Cineva pe acolo a șoptit “demență”.
Pacientul era totuși pe la optzeci de ani.

Le-a zis,
– Eh, trebuia să ies din locul ăla. Auziți,
aveți și voi ceva de băut p-aici? 

În următoarea zi un articol a fost publicat
în ziarul local. Era intitulat:

Era lung 
și puțini oameni s-au obosit
să-l citească.

Imagine de olivier prady de la Pixabay

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how do I get to this guy? by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

and again we sit around the table and this guy goes at it once more babbles nonstop about how life is meaningless and how nothing we ever do will have any meaning in the end Ultimately, he says, there is no reason to strive for anything. There is no reason to live You might be thinking that you can become immortal by leaving something behind such as a grand work of art, but you're simply wrong If the whole world ceases to be, if, say, the sun swallows the Earth in but a few years then who will be here to admire your work? It was all pointless, wasn't it? Being and staying alive bears no meaning. Nature is ultimately indifferent to you and your satisfaction in life We are nothing. Forget about dust. We aren't even dust but something infinitely less dust has no meaning and neither have we…

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The Law of Luck by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A young man with a bloody beaten up face and his fists raised at face level
Image Source: Canva

the last bar brawl

left him without

a chunk of his

upper lip

and a nose busted

beyond recognition

now his whole face

was swollen

like he was

wearing a

cheap rubber mask

his opponent

used brass knuckles

it seemed. Getting shot

probably wouldn’t have

hurt as much

but luckily he

kept his


Actually the teeth were fake

from another


but at least they didn’t

come off

It was a weird sort

of luck

And the law of luck was

what he believed in

and he theorized about

it whenever he

got drunk

or high on his prescription


“A balance has to

be maintained,” he said. “This

thing is sacred. An’ I’ll

fight everybody

who says it ain’t so!”

Likely a lot

of people

said it ain’t so

“There’s a sacred balance

in the universe.

You cannot have a streak

of bad luck


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Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

Hey folks! Welcome back to my Brilliant Blogger Poet initiative. 😁Thank you so much for your patience, sorry for the long interval between this and the previous post! 🙏

Every once in a while, in this vastly overpopulated & overcrowded metropolis of blogging, you’ll find yourself stumbling upon a blog that makes you sit up and notice; that grabs you by the throat and shakes you out of your creative comfort zone & makes you think about things in a way you never imagined. Bogdan Dragos, who works in a casino by night, from Romania is one such writer/poet.

With his Daydreaming as a Profession blog over on WordPress Bogdan has managed to carve out a rather provocative & unique literary niche for himself with his daring; dark & sometimes disturbing mix of poetry; musings & short stories. His writings, I find, often blur the lines between what we view…

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many other lies to uncover by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

she kicks the dust with her tennis shoes that were cut off to look like sandals squats and picks up the earwig shows it to him tilts her head to the side and brushing her hair back she puts the earwig into her earlobe like in a bowl The insect doesn't get inside the ear canal. It quickly crawls out and struggles to run away back towards the ground "See?" she demands as she stands and places her hands on hips. "It doesn't go into the ear. It's a lie! It's been a lie all along. And you believed it like the idiot you are. Don't you wanna slap yourself now? You've been living a lie. They've controlled you like a dog." He watched her. Said nothing Suddenly she twisted her face in a grimace and in a gruff voice said, "If you keep making ugly faces you'll remain stuck…

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The Way to Worship the Devil by Bogdan Dragos

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̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿  

MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A red faced evil looking devil with red horns on its head
Image Source: Canva

the black metal was


in the speakers

but the

painted faces on

her wallpapers

no longer grinned

at her

and no longer whispered

too bad,

the drugs wore off

Well, the best part about

living with grandpa

was that she could

simply get out in the

middle of the night

dressed however she wanted

and return in the morning

with whatever she could get

The old man

wasn’t like the

stereotypes she read about

on the internet

He spent all his days

and nights

in his


hunched over a small desk

sitting in a

creaky chair

that meowed every time he

turned a page

in the notebook he

was writing

‘He probably does more

drugs than

I do,’ she thought.

A few days ago

she went into the


and found a bunch of

burnt logs and twigs

in the bathtub

Being high

an’ all…

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Pentru că oricât de fragilă ar fi luminița, tot se vede în cel mai negru întuneric

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ English version HERE!

MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

și-n această dimineață
i-a sărit în pat
și a mieunat și i s-a aruncat pe față
și i-a lins fruntea.

Acum avea și el un motiv
să se trezească. Ca să hrănească

Și avea chiar și un motiv
să facă duș.
Fiindcă pisicii nu-i plăcea să lingă
o față unsuroasă.

Mai avea și un motiv
să-și caute de lucru. Fiindcă mâncarea
de pisici nu-i gratis.

Și mai avea și un motiv
să se întoarcă acasă. Pentru că 
pisica-i ducea dorul.

Avea un motiv pentru a trăi.
Era un motiv micuț pentru a trai,
dar tot era mai mare 
decât toate motivele de a muri.

Imagine de Brion Claus de la Pixabay

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whatever you seek you will not find by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

the more you struggle to attain happiness the heavier depression becomes but somewhere along the way you have to realize why you want to be happy What's the reason? If it's just because happiness feels good and the other thing doesn't then it's not enough the very search for happiness occurs because the mind thinks it's smarter than the heart. It thinks that it knows better what happiness is what a fool pathetic the mind doesn't know shit it's just a bully who coerces every other part of the being to agree with its twisted ideas And the heart, not being able to fight back because fighting involves hating an opponent, just surrenders, lets the mind have its way Do not seek to get rid of depression seek to be okay with having it Side with the heart, not with the mind The heart loves and accepts and you can't…

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Could it be that living with an artist was even worse? by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A woman with hot pink dreadlocks screaming and pulling her hair in frustration
Image Source: Canva

“I’ve seen people on

their death beds

more alive

than you,” she said. “The

day my grandpa


I’ve seen more life

than in your room. At least

he fought back, he

wanted to keep death

away for

as long as possible. He

was 87,

and you’re in your twenties,

looking like

you’re not only inviting

death to take

you, but

downright begging it!

What the fuck’s the

matter with


“Uh… I don’t

know,” he said

“And that’s your

answer to everything!”

“Well, it’s


“Ah, take a good look

at yourself. But

what am I saying, you

sleep 18 hours

a day

and spend the rest in

bed. It’s a wonder

you even

remember your name.”

He thought for

a bit

and then he asked, “What?”

It shot a flaming

arrow of

pure rage through her

heart. She raised

her hands high

above her head

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