Could it be that living with an artist was even worse? by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A woman with hot pink dreadlocks screaming and pulling her hair in frustration
Image Source: Canva

“I’ve seen people on

their death beds

more alive

than you,” she said. “The

day my grandpa


I’ve seen more life

than in your room. At least

he fought back, he

wanted to keep death

away for

as long as possible. He

was 87,

and you’re in your twenties,

looking like

you’re not only inviting

death to take

you, but

downright begging it!

What the fuck’s the

matter with


“Uh… I don’t

know,” he said

“And that’s your

answer to everything!”

“Well, it’s


“Ah, take a good look

at yourself. But

what am I saying, you

sleep 18 hours

a day

and spend the rest in

bed. It’s a wonder

you even

remember your name.”

He thought for

a bit

and then he asked, “What?”

It shot a flaming

arrow of

pure rage through her

heart. She raised

her hands high

above her head

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Does it ever get better? by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

"Is having a few sextapes here and there enough to lose custody of my kids?" she asked. "I do porn. So what? It's just another job." "No," he said. "They took your kids because they were in the back seat of the car while you were giving head to a guy in front. You can hear their voices in the tape and even see them a little. That's very irresponsible of you." "Ah, fuck you. Who are you to judge me?" "Just someone who wouldn't perform sexual acts with children present. That makes me superior to you." "Well let's see you try to find a place for 'em after you've been evicted from the fourth house in three months. I think I made the right choice. I'm pretty sure I did. It was raining outside! Anyone took that into consideration? No! They just wanna point the finger and blame. It's…

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Face Behind Bars by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

The close up of a woman's face where only her orange eyes are showing and her black hair is falling on her face while she covers her remaining face with the palms of her hands
Image Source: Canva

her hair made her face

look like

it was always

behind bars

or trapped

in barbed wire

Nothing could get

through those

thin bars

but the mouth

of the bottle

as it joined hers

strands of

hair would get

inside her mouth

and between her lips

and into the bottle

and she

wouldn’t care one bit

“If I were a bird,” she

said. “I’d never

sing. I’d just

fly and fly

and fly around the world.

Around and

around until

I’d get hungry

and thirsty

and I wouldn’t eat

or drink. No,

I’d keep on

flying and flying until

I’d drop dead into

some ocean

somewhere. That would

be a life worth


Ah, but I’m not a


The being that I am

can only imagine what

it’s like to be one

while drinking

herself into the

ultimate fantasy. Here

I go.”

The mouth of


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Unele lucruri nu mai pot fi puse la loc


some things can never be put back together

Some things can never
be put back together
after they’ve been
taken apart

No matter how much
willpower is involved

One of those things,
she now knew for sure,
was a marriage

Like the one
she was presently fleeing,
flying down the highway
like a fiend or a bat out of hell

Another such thing
could be her right hand
resting severed on the seat
there beside her

Though she wasn’t so
sure about the hand
Maybe if she made it
to the hospital in time?


MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

unele lucruri nu mai pot
fi puse la loc, nu mai
pot fi 
reparate după ce au fost stricate

indiferent de câtă 
voință este implicată
în încercare.

Unul dintre aceste lucruri,
își dădu ea seama acum,
ar fi o căsnicie

precum cea de care fugea
zburând pe autostradă 
ca un liliac scăpat din iad

Și un alt asemenea lucru 
ar fi mâna ei dreaptă 
care zăcea retezată pe scaunul
din dreapta.

Desi nu era chiar așa de sigură
în privința mâinii.
Poate dac-o s-ajungă la timp
la spital...


Imagine de Rudy and Peter Skitterians de la Pixabay

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the ultimate thief by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers & Masticadores

sparks blazing in her eyes, she watched him from across the fire sitting silently on her small log, bracing herself shivering a little “You see,” he said, “this fire gives off more sparks than flames.” She nodded And he went on, “It's because it uses souls as fuel. I'm burning things that once used to be part of people, things imbued with their essence. A favorite scarf gifted by a loved one before departing, a wife's beloved ring, a child's doll that resembles their mother, a purse that is seen as magical by a rich merchant who thinks she got rich by holding money in it, an army general's lucky loincloth. These objects have in them parts of the souls of people who used to own them. Other thieves think they're stealing things of value, but they don't know what true value means. Me, I'm no ordinary thief, as you…

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This Species has to be Killed in its Infancy by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A sheaf of white aged papers in a burst of flames
Image Source: Canva

the kid

handed him a piece of

paper and asked,

“Can we put this one

on the fridge?”

It wasn’t a drawing

“What’s this?” he asked

There were words

written on it

I am getting in my car

and I’m driving very far

Following the star

of my dreams

It seems

my destiny awaits

as all good things in small crates

So I’m ready to unpack

hoping it’s not something wack

I want the best of the best

The sun on the sky

I’ll be a writer with a vision

in my eye

“A poem?”

“Yes, a poem,” said the kid. “Can

we put it on the fridge

along with the drawings?”

The father stared at it

for a long time

Finally, he crumpled the

paper and said, “Let’s not

do that.”

“But… why not?”

Dad looked very troubled,

trying to squeeze

an answer

and getting only…

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