many other lies to uncover by Bogdan Dragos

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she kicks the dust with her tennis shoes that were cut off to look like sandals squats and picks up the earwig shows it to him tilts her head to the side and brushing her hair back she puts the earwig into her earlobe like in a bowl The insect doesn't get inside the ear canal. It quickly crawls out and struggles to run away back towards the ground "See?" she demands as she stands and places her hands on hips. "It doesn't go into the ear. It's a lie! It's been a lie all along. And you believed it like the idiot you are. Don't you wanna slap yourself now? You've been living a lie. They've controlled you like a dog." He watched her. Said nothing Suddenly she twisted her face in a grimace and in a gruff voice said, "If you keep making ugly faces you'll remain stuck…

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