The Law of Luck by Bogdan Dragos

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A young man with a bloody beaten up face and his fists raised at face level
Image Source: Canva

the last bar brawl

left him without

a chunk of his

upper lip

and a nose busted

beyond recognition

now his whole face

was swollen

like he was

wearing a

cheap rubber mask

his opponent

used brass knuckles

it seemed. Getting shot

probably wouldn’t have

hurt as much

but luckily he

kept his


Actually the teeth were fake

from another


but at least they didn’t

come off

It was a weird sort

of luck

And the law of luck was

what he believed in

and he theorized about

it whenever he

got drunk

or high on his prescription


“A balance has to

be maintained,” he said. “This

thing is sacred. An’ I’ll

fight everybody

who says it ain’t so!”

Likely a lot

of people

said it ain’t so

“There’s a sacred balance

in the universe.

You cannot have a streak

of bad luck


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