how do I get to this guy? by Bogdan Dragos

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and again we sit around the table and this guy goes at it once more babbles nonstop about how life is meaningless and how nothing we ever do will have any meaning in the end Ultimately, he says, there is no reason to strive for anything. There is no reason to live You might be thinking that you can become immortal by leaving something behind such as a grand work of art, but you're simply wrong If the whole world ceases to be, if, say, the sun swallows the Earth in but a few years then who will be here to admire your work? It was all pointless, wasn't it? Being and staying alive bears no meaning. Nature is ultimately indifferent to you and your satisfaction in life We are nothing. Forget about dust. We aren't even dust but something infinitely less dust has no meaning and neither have we…

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