If you don’t make friends with rejection it’ll become your stalker

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Gobblers & Masticadores

By Bogdan Dragos

the building was scheduled to be demolished it was already just a pile of rubble standing somewhat together It'll probably be demolished by the same local company that rejected his application for a job When you're homeless not even demolition companies will hire you Or perhaps it was because he kept making advances to the manager who interviewed him Well, he was drunk and thought the manager was quite beautiful in her worker's attire so he got double rejected Eh, wouldn't be for the first time though If you don't make friends with rejection it'll become your stalker "Fuckin' shit!" he said, kicking at the corner of a wall and dislodging a piece of concrete He would've kicked some more but didn't wanna do the job for the damned company that rejected him There was nothing else to do but get down, stand with the back against…

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