Pressure by Bogdan Dragos

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The close up black and white image of a woman wearing a superhero eye mask and smoking a cigarette
Image Source: Canva Pro

she slept with a small,

thin Batman plushie

between her


and often woke up

with it

soaked in sweat

The poor Batman looked



and suicidal.

Clearly he was facing a

villain he could

not hope to defeat

It was the dreams

that made her

sweat so

There was much pressure

in her dreams

The last one

was about her lower jaw

pressing against the upper


until the teeth came out

of their socket, all of them,

and she swirled them

around her mouth

like tic-tacs

and eventually swallowed them

one by one

until she choked

In another dream

she pressed

her thumbs against her


until they went in with

a crunchy sound followed

by complete silence

and pain

but the worst dreams

were those in

which she applied pressure

to others

and not to herself

There was a lot of


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  1. Hi. Thanks for coming by my new blog. Your post reminded me of this Queen and Bowie song and I hope if I drop it here that’s okay and that it plays in your region! I think you might agree “Under Pressure” is a fitting soundtrack (including the imagery in the video) to your “nightmare” which is well written I might add. Could be worse things than dying between a Womans breasts. 🤪

    Liked by 2 people

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