eavesdropping for inspiration by Bogdan Dragos

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they say that eavesdropping on private conversations is quite the great idea for writers looking for inspiration Well, I think I was still a writer back then The year was 2013 and I was in college and also working my first job as a waiter at a fancy restaurant The problem with running a fancy restaurant in a not-at-all-fancy town is that you're gonna lack customers On that evening there was but a single table with one couple and I couldn't stand the guy I couldn't even call it eavesdropping because you could hear the dialogue even if you covered your ears Also I couldn't call it a dialogue because only the guy was talking And my god, was he talking and talking and talking and jumping from topic to topic like a loud, splashing skipping stone Who the hell could listen to his rambling and be like, 'okay, I've…

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