Glass Shards in the Bloodstream by Bogdan Dragos

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The black and white side profile of a woman's face holding up a broken shard of glass against her face with the reflection of two eyes in it
Image Source: Canva Pro

she still read

random internet articles

from time to time

and it was in

one of them

that she found the good


It was below

a post titled


that she didn’t bother

to read

the one she did bother

to read

explained that small

shards of glass can

enter the body through


and make their way

through the veins

to the heart

And that kills



a good way to go

Not too messy and not too


and, best of all,

not likely to be labeled

as suicide


She finished her


and put the phone away

and went into her

room where she locked

herself in

The large hand mirror

lay face down

on the nightstand

She grabbed it

and stretched on the floor

and rolled under

the bed

where she removed her


and watched herself…

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