please, please, please by Bogdan Dragos

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she'd never seen a room so barren before Only white walls, a brown door and large windows with white frames Yet someone was living in it Someone who wanted it to be this way Her younger brother sat, as always, in the wheelchair by the window “Uh, forgive me if I'm being a nag,” she said, “but I gotta ask again. Are you absolutely sure you don't want anything in this room? Not even... I don't know, a bed maybe?” He wouldn't face her. Only the large white framed window “I don't sleep in a bed,” he replied. Why do you even ask?” “Ah, s-sorry. I just... I wanted you to feel like home in here, you know?” “Oh, dear sister, but I do feel like home. After all, isn't this what home felt like all along as we grew up?” She lowered her gaze to the gray floor as…

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  1. love this Bogdon but I don’t dare visit now cuz I’ll get kicked out of my line up here,. this sounds like my son who sleeps on the floor.. first time i realized I could scroll and read in the box.. yay!! 💗

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