For Courage by Bogdan Dragos

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“Getting drunk to write

is stupid,”

she said,

“not to mention

utterly pathetic.”

And I said, “Yeah, I agree.”

“Good. Then

why are you drinking now?”


Shit, she got me. There

was nothing

I could say. I didn’t know

what the hell I was doing. There was

still so much about

existence that I

had no explanation for. I didn’t

drink for inspiration. I

didn’t need

inspiration. Just the courage

to write.

Suddenly I felt like the cowardly

lion from

The Wizard of Oz.

The poor fool wasn’t missing

courage, was he?

No, he just needed someone to

tell him that he already

had courage. It was

inside him all along.

Me, if I do drink, it’s never

for inspiration,

but rather the courage to

throw my written words

into the abyss

at editors

and publishers

and so on

I never seem to be ready

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  1. Congratulations, Bogdan! I was wondering why you write poems that I find difficult to comment on. Now I understand that poetry is just poetry about which we express our thoughts. In fact, what you write, others usually cannot write.❤️

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