The whole of existence is but one single being hallucinating by Bogdan Dragos

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The metal sculpture of the moon and sun cheek to cheek
Image Source: Canva Pro

a robust



and a pale moon,

both very friendly

and with enormous smiles

shook hands

right above her

painted on

the low ceiling

She watched them

from her bed,

lying on her back,

thinking that

they’ve always been there

and she glanced on

them since early childhood

when she first

gained awareness in this


And ever since

then she lived with

the idea

that nothing was real

The painted sun

and moon

shaking hands were not

the real sun and moon

They were an imaginary

replica made after

imaginary entities

Nothing in existence

was real

besides her

The whole of existence

is but one single

being hallucinating,


It’s only her

Her alone

And she’s lying on this

unreal bed

and staring at

an unreal ceiling

featuring two unreal



very soon the unreal door

will open wide

and a totally, absolutely,

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17 thoughts on “The whole of existence is but one single being hallucinating by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. lui passe ses journées à travailler
    elle passe ses nuits à si fort briller
    que les étoiles elle va les éclipser
    même les nuits oû elle est cachée
    cette reine ne peut être remplacée
    car la vie nocturne elle va diriger
    parfois son roi elle va rencontrer
    quand son royaume elle va quitter
    et qu’à son travail elle va le croiser
    un court baiser ils vont s’y donner
    et gare à celui qui ose les regarder
    leur sombre brillance va l’aveugler

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