the music
makes my lungs quake 

there are people 
all around 
jumping up and down 
howling into each other's 

the lights blaze from above
and the sides 
and even from the floor 

the immense room feels 
like the surface 
of a star 

and its inhabitants dance 
and cheer 
in the flames 

Everyone is happy 
everyone's ecstatic 

having the time of their

And I am amidst 
them all 

They are talking to me
Expecting replies 

The party goes 
on and on
and on 

God... I've never felt lonelier
in my life.


46 thoughts on “party

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  1. Because – Bogdan, You are The Poet!
    There is too much party man in the world, but just few Poets,so…. WRITE, CREATE and mostly LOVE!
    There is party a there is writing….its simply choice;)

    And all this beautiful woman around….our muses.

    Good poem !

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    1. WOW ! ,,Surface of a star” . Immediatly You must write poem with this great verse ! Really! The name ,,Surface of a star.” When You say it aloud…suddenly thousands variant of surface ……This is really good, congrats ! 🙂

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  2. Cool. And kinda strange that a healthy appreciation of the ironic can suggest, that yes, sometimes, all is right with the world. I miss feeling alone in a crowd. Haven’t been able to do much of that recently. Nice work. Regards,

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  3. My favorite lines, by far: “the immense room feels / like the surface / of a star”
    Reminds me of how Bernard Marx must have felt for most of his life in Huxley’s novel, Brave New World.

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  4. This feeling I can relate to, I had it once on New Year’s Eve. Everybody was enjoying themselves and I sat outside preferring the cold.

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