Muses aren’t only for Writing by Bogdan Dragos

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“Muses,” he said, “aren’t only

for writing

and painting, and stuff

like that.

That’s just what the

world likes

to believe.

But me, I use my muse

as inspiration

for pranks. This is my art.”

A few days ago

he dressed in

ragged clothes

and got his face dirty with


and went around a

bus station

begging people for

spare change

He didn’t get any,

but that

wasn’t the point

The point was to be seen

by as many people

as possible

as he cried

and stated loudly that he’s

so hungry

he could eat anything

People did their best

to ignore him


they saw him walk by the

trashcan near the station

and reaching for

something inside

His hand came out

with a

used diaper. It looked full

and yes, he proceeded to

unwrap it and

lick and slurp its contents

as the…

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