quitting motivation by Bogdan Dragos

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He placed the camera on the tripod and the tripod on his desk and stood about four minutes in silence just staring at it after pressing record unblinking "It happened the other night," he finally said. "After about four or three hours of random executions with no context and deadly accidents and maiming and animal cruelty and animal attacks on humans and basic degeneracy, I stumbled upon her video. I swear to God and back, she was the prettiest girl I ever saw. With a face so clean and so symmetrical you'd think it was computer generated. Oh, but she was real, alright. She was so real. And what she did was real. She motivated me. You know how sometimes you don't feel like getting out of bed or doing anything really and then someone shows you some guy without hands or legs or both who does that thing? It's…

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