whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray by Bogdan Dragos

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she came out of her house after the heavy rain stopped and walked up to the bridge and leaned forward over the flat rail and watched the turbid river flowing by, disappearing with infinite length below her feet The rail was wet and she wiped it with a few tissues and then got her notebook out Using a simple pencil she began drawing the river There wasn't much to it, just a couple of lines but she gave them a nice form And when she was done with the drawing she began writing Wrote a poem into the drawn river Eternal sensation of falling I hear an inhuman voice calling Feel my awareness crawling underneath. Is it angel for real or just a myth? I shall jump toward it I shall jump toward it I'm ready this world to quit She ripped the paper and crumpled it and unfolded it…

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17 thoughts on “whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. Having increasingly more difficulty with posts booked “originally appeared on…” I understand, I think, the plan to gain a wider audience, but when I follow someone, I’m interested in what they have to say (write). I care little to be plagued by other bloggers’ wares displayed (and touted) on “originally appeared on…” It’s personal. Enjoy your work. Bridle at presentation sometimes. Then, I’m a crotchety old bastid.

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    1. :)) I understand perfectly.

      Thought it’s different when the post booked “originally appeared on…” belongs also to the one who books it :))
      It’s the same writer’s work, not another’s. It’s just in a place other than the writer’s personal blog.

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