Hot Car by Bogdan Dragos

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A ghostly figure with a woman's upper half body and lower half twigs and roots
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“The safest way to kill

a small child,” she told him,


of course,

to leave it in a hot car.”

He scratched his

head. Thought

about it

“Since you didn’t murder it

directly,” she went on,

“and only due

to pure ignorance,

your punishment is going to

be almost


“But, wouldn’t it be

a better idea

to push the kid from a high

place and claim

that he fell?”

“Dumbass, you live on the

ground floor. If you go searching

for any high places

they’ll know

the reason behind it, don’t

you think?”

“Oh… yeah, you’re right.

I’m not very good

with thinking.

That’s why I’ve asked for your


She gave a soft chuckle

as her hands

turned from floating ash

to dark obsidian

that caressed his face

and put a claw inside his ear

She was half moth

half snake, the muse

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