the queen’s blessing by Bogdan Dragos

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she looked stunning in the fading light of the day her black dress and the boots with ridiculously thick soles and the dark makeup made her look like the queen of the cemetery but her knight didn't feel too welcome into her kingdom "Aren't you excited?" she asked "Oh, I am if you are," he said "Good. Then drink up." He drank and then she drank some more, always more than him and then the bottle was empty She placed it into his hand and pointed at a gravestone. "C'mon, I want to watch you break it against that." By this time he knew better than to disappoint his queen He walked over to the gravestone and crashed the bottle against it The queen smiled and applauded. She was very pleased with him "It's a child's grave," she said. "I can always tell." They sat there in silence and watched…

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