Fox King by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A woman depicted as frozen and dead with red blood on her eyelids and lips
Image Source: Canva Pro

the fox didn’t like to

be petted,

didn’t agree to her


it thrust its head back

and bared its


and constantly licked at them

as if sharpening daggers

in preparation for a


“Oh, you’re difficult to love,”

she told the

fox. “But that’s why

I desire you more, King.

With your

crimson eyes

you look

upon me, a lowly human,

and bellow that you

want not

my love

but my respect. Yet I ask of you,

what respect is there

without love?

I wish to fall asleep with

your paw in

my mouth, with your tail

between my legs

and those precious fangs

dung deep into my breast.

I desire you, King, like

any maiden desires

the lover who will make

her a woman.

Oh, give me your love

and I will give you


The fox tucked its tail

between the hind

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