have you gone completely mad? by Bogdan Dragos

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of course, it's not easy If it were easy everybody would've done it But this... this required courage above all. It required guts. It required an overdose of nonconforming And today was the day that proved he was just the right man for it Often the right man is the insane man, the soul who dares to be the revolutionary who goes against the system Dammit, everything was in place. The cards were dealt and all bets placed. The muse was caged and ready to be milked "Here I go," he said, ignoring the knocks and the shouts coming from beyond the sturdy door of his office The nonbelievers were trying to reach out to him fools without vision like his mother and his wife and mother-in-law and the children Oh, they demanded to know for what reason did he suddenly decide to quit his high-paying job at the law…

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  1. Some writers quit high paying jobs to become published authors because they don’t have time to write while working or take a short break of 4/5 months just to write. This proves that they are mad and can’t handle both.⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧

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