Major in Arts? by Bogdan Dragos

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The black silhouette of a woman dancing with an umbrella in a huge open drain that shows a big lit city in the background and black birds flying overhead
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in the evening he comes

out of the steaming


and takes the time

to place the lid back

He fixes his clothes

and his fingerless gloves

and clears his throat

it’s snowing again

he ambles towards a bus


where children and young

students await

“Eh, bad town to be a writer,” he

says to them. “I picked

a bad town, that’s

what I did.

Should’ve gone to

some arid place. Well, maybe

in the next life.

For now

I’m staying here and

I keep writing

about death. When all other

topics fail


death is always there.”

The children

and the students watch

him as he

paces closer

Suddenly he points

at them

and says, “Ey, those of you

who major in arts…”

Then he pointed

at the sewer he crawled out

of, “I’ll welcome

you in my kingdom in

a few years. Be…

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