Leatherface by Bogdan Dragos

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An animated scene in which there is a raging fire that's burning a house and a young girl stands at the door and is about to leave
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no, despite what I wanted

to believe

for the sake of

fantasy merging with


she was not the

infamous killer


She was just an

ordinary girl

holding a

human face with a bit

of hair

It was clearly something

very precious to her

“The only thing I have

left from my

father,” she said, turning

it from one side

to the other

and back. “It used to cover

his face and it never

was something pretty. But

what did I know at the time?

I was just a kid.

He came home drunk as usual,

but this time

he was also beat up

real good.

Some friends roughed him

up after he

sold them a bad tip at the

bets. That’s what I

understood later in life.

I loved that man

like any daughter loves her


I didn’t know he was bad


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