The most fun activity in which you don’t smile by Bogdan Dragos

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A young woman with long, brown hair in a summer dress and hat standing on a path in the woods smiling and looking down at a gray stroller
Image Source: Canva Pro

she’s got this big


that I don’t

even know the name of

and walks

it around in a

baby stroller

“It needs the sun,” she

says. “And it

needs me as her mother.”

When she’s not at her

dish-washing job

at the two-star restaurant

she’s scouting

the local park,

looking for trees with bird nests

to steal the eggs

or even better,

the chicks

and feed them to the

big lizard

Not exactly the crime

to send one

behind the bars

but she did

get in

some trouble for it

“I never liked the scent

of peeling scales,”

she said, “until I

smelt it on her belly,

between her hind legs.

If you haven’t

seen angels


you are invited to look

upon her

beauty. Please only

look, don’t touch.”

“Yeah,” I said, “she’s pretty

nice. What’s

her name?”

But instead of answering

she said,

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