If I make my bed in hell by Bogdan Dragos

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it was darkening outside as he opened the beer and threw his old body on the rocking chair There was no TV in his house "It shows people,” he'd said. "An' I can't stand them.” He poured the beer into a glass and started rocking back and forth into his chair, looking at nothing and enjoying it When it was completely dark, the black cat came into the house through the hole in the broken window a limp gray fish big as a fallen leaf glistened in its mouth, reflecting the full moon outside "Welcome back,” he said to the cat as it laid the fish on the carpet near his feet and rolled on its back, exposing its belly He took the fish and smelled it and tossed it into the beer and shook the glass "Thank you,” he said. "That's enough protein for today.” He leaned forward in…

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