Lost Talent by Bogdan Dragos

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A red hued image of a woman and her split images screaming and disturbed
Image Source: Canva Pro

sitting alone on the

orange living room sofa

at 02:21

in the night


trying to feel

something other

than hatred and rage

In older times,

with a younger self,

a book might have


Not anymore

The book she was holding


was one for children

A coloring book

and the pencils were scattered

like fish outside

the water

all about the orange sofa

She was holding only

the gray one

and in the light of a small


began coloring

inside the outlines of

weird characters that

looked like eggs with

hands and legs

and faces

roaming about in what

looked like some cave

Maybe the story

was about their escape

from there

She didn’t bother with


She bothered with struggling

to take her mind

away from

the fact that she could not

fall asleep

“How could I go to

bed?” she wrote…

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