Wolf Head Hands by Bogdan Dragos

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The black and white close up of two wolves in which one is calm and the other is baring its teeth in rage
Image Source: Canva Pro

Thick socks

that my grandma made for me

from wool

I see them lying on

the rug at

the foot of the bed

and they look like the heads

of wolves in


waiting in the snow

behind bushes

dry with frost

I grab them

and slide them down my fists

like gloves

I have wolf heads for


And I start punching things

and grabbing them and shredding

them with the fangs

the blanket

the tablecloth

the pillow

my knees

yet in my fantasy I can’t decide what

happens when the

wolf head hands

meet each other

Do they fight

and bite each other?

Or do they cuddle and lick?

Luckily I don’t have to

find the answer. My

grandma opens the door and yells

for me to come

out already. It’s time for school.

Yes, despite anything I thought back

then, I do miss…

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