no closer intimacy than this by Bogdan Dragos

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Yes, there's intimacy
and then there's the times you
get naked and drunk
and cuddle in bed
and tell each other things you'd never
tell sober

“Last time I got so drunk,” she
said, “I got my hands on
a poster with
a missing child and called the
and got under the blanket with
the phone,
started crying and said,
'Daddy, daddy, I miss youuu!”
It fucked up the guy who answered
the phone but... my crying
was genuine.
I really felt everything I've said.”

He just laughed
and hugged
her tighter

There would be no closer intimacy
than this 

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15 thoughts on “no closer intimacy than this by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. The things I’ve done and said under the influence. 😛 But this prank call… priceless. Surprised you even remembered it. Lol. Good stuff Bogdan. You’ve brought back a lot of memories with this post 🤣🤣

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