a successful first date

she slid out of that short
skirt and
removed the panties as well
and hopped on the bed
and took off her shirt
and bra

then assumed the lotus
position and
very calmly said, "You got like…
a needle and some rubbing alcohol?"

"Um, what for?" he asked

She looked him
in the eyes. "I want you to
watch me pierce my
nipples. I've some cute rings
I want to see shining in 'em.
So, you down for it?"

He was silent for a long
time. Just staring
at her tits. "Um… I'm out of rubbing
alcohol. Will some
vodka do?"

"It won't be nearly as
good," she said, "but hell,
let's give it a shot."

His mind was already ablaze with
images of her
being his wife 

20 thoughts on “a successful first date

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  1. Ouch!!!! I cringed just reading your poem. Only one other place could possibly be more painful to pierce.
    Great work, Bogdan. 👏👏

    Liked by 2 people

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