The Earlier you Start by Bogdan Dragos

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“The earlier you start in


the better you’ll get,” she said. “That

is, of course, if you

keep going. If you don’t give

up on your dream.”

“Wise words,” I said

She smirked at that. “You bet. So in your

case, you say you started writing

at twenty. That means you

can’t be that good

of a writer. There weren’t too many years

since then. You’re not even thirty

yet. You must really

suck at writing actually.”

I shrugged. “Probably. I don’t know.

I’m not sharing my work

with a lot of people. But what about you?

When did you start beating

at your craft?”

She let out a

very condescending whistle

as she looked up. “I started dancing

at nine,” she said. “Like, every

evening. My big brother would

call me to

his room and give me

candy bars and cans of coke if…

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