to outcrazy the crazies by Bogdan Dragos

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She ordered drinks, but would take them in plastic cups so she could enjoy them outside the bar on the steps “She thinks she's too good for us,” said the other girls. “Doesn't wanna drink with losers.” “She's just crazy,” said another girl. “Leave her be.” “That's her art and the thing she's best at,” said another girl. “This girl, oh, she can out-crazy all the crazies. I like her. Love her. It wasn't that long ago when she was approached outside in the darkness by some thug-looking dude who invited her into the back alley and she agreed. But, she removed her clothes right there on the steps. An' pulled a goddamned switchblade from between her legs. Told the guy that she doesn't take money. Tongue, ear, eye, or finger, she told him. Asked, which would you like me to carve out and tuck neatly in my lady pocket…

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