can’t use the element of surprise by Bogdan Dragos

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the best part about her is that she can never use the element of surprise No, she's always writing with thick carpenter crayons on the walls and details all her plans A STRAND OF HIS HAIR, she writes this evening. AS HE FALLS ASLEEP, I'M GOING TO CLIP A STRAND OF HIS HAIR AND HIDE IT BEHIND MY EYEBALLS. I'LL PUSH IT DEEP He reads the words as he puts on pajamas and goes to bed and pretends to be asleep when his wife comes to cut his hair with the scissors He smiles to himself thinking, or rather knowing for sure, that he'd found true love in life Mental illness is not something to get in the way on the contrary... there is a middle way, apparently It's late 23:58 not many buildings around and even less people a few trees and bushes and a mostly empty parking lot…

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