Two Disowned Souls by Bogdan Dragos

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Chewers & Masticadores // Editora: Nolcha Fox

A woman standing with a wine glass in her hand and her head tilted to the side while a man sits diagonally behind her with a wine glass in one hand and wine bottle in the other
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those were some


tired eyes

Some people are just


with them

It’s not a matter of

getting enough


The tiredness

is in the soul itself

He looked forty

though he was


and as she told her


(with the family she

didn’t talk)

she found him in a bar,

passed out

under the table

“I kicked the fool in

the side, lightly,

and the next thing I know

he’s humping my leg

and calling me ‘mommy’.

How can you

not take a boy like him home

and fuck him?

Well, admittedly I was

pretty drunk.” she laughed.

“Anyway, I’m still holding

on to him

to this day. Did you

know that he writes poetry?

Of all things, hah! He writes

these honeyed love poems

and reads them to me

and I pay him with some liquor

and a good fuck.

We’re pretty…

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