there is a middle way, apparently by Bogdan Dragos

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It's late 23:58 not many buildings around and even less people a few trees and bushes and a mostly empty parking lot I walk towards my car when she comes out from behind the yellow dumpster approaching me holding a clinking piggy-bank in her pale outstretched hands “No thanks,” I said and resumed my walking, checking my pockets for the car key “But,” she said, “if you don't take it I won't be able to haunt you tonight.” I stopped Turned around Walked back a few steps to face her again I pulled out a coin and tossed it into the small opening of the piggy-bank There is a middle way, apparently If you have an infinite amount of coin tosses you have a possibility of landing it on neither heads nor tails Eventually, it'll land on its edge and stay so I think it did on that night I'm…

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