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  • APATHY by Bogdan Dragos

    21 April 2021 by

    Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores:
    She came from work pretty early and I knew when I saw her that she quit yet again She changed four jobs in the last five months and got a tattoo that said APATHY on her lower back Her father died five months ago. He died of what’s called almost-drunk-driving…

  • around the smokey hole

    19 April 2021 by

    You can still be good
    at what you do
    without liking
    what you do

    It’s more common than
    you’d imagine

    The words reflected his face
    in the steamy bathroom mirror

    He watched
    until he felt cold in his
    and shivered

    reached for the towel
    got out of the bathroom
    put on clothes
    and returned to his writing

    The blank page was ugly

    unlike the somewhat encouraging
    words on the steamy mirror

    He reached into the drawer
    pulled out the pen
    stuck it into his mouth
    clicked it

    Reached again into the drawer
    pulled out the gun
    pointed it at the blank page

    He wrote for the remainder of
    the day and the next
    night around the smokey hole

    It was finally

  • Mercy kill

    14 April 2021 by

    Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores:
    From the hand of the writer Bogdan, we return to the path of short stories – j re crivello (editor) by Bogdan Dragos When the enemy strikes keep your gun close to you. That worked during the war, but the war was all those years ago and the saying didn’t…

  • cats are a great audience for poetry readings

    13 April 2021 by

    the cat was utterly
    and downright

    with him reading
    mediocre poems
    by her side

    “You don’t like this one?” he asked
    “It’s about nature
    and birds
    flying and… and… How good does
    it have to be for you
    to like it? I’m only ten, I haven’t
    lived long enough to
    write poems of grief
    and depravity like my father. But you
    know, I’m actually aiming to become
    better than him. I aim to be
    a more
    respected poet. What, you don’t think
    I’ll be able to?
    You think I’m just another
    deluded fool? I’ll show you!”

    The cat stood
    and stretched raising her tail
    “Calm down, kid. First of all,
    your daddy was no
    poet. Just some drunk who spoke of
    demons as he passed out
    in bars. And you, you’re not ten, okay?
    You’re just ten days
    clean of meds.”

    “You think I should
    end myself?” he asked

    The cat waved a paw
    at that. “Nah, just go on with the
    next poem. I’ll be listening
    but please don’t expect any
    praise. It’s not in my nature to
    offer it, okay?”

    “But… you think I’ll be a great
    poet one day?”

    The cat closed her
    eyes and offered no reply

  • another bulimic princess by Bogdan Dragos

    7 April 2021 by

    Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores:
    mashed potatoes poached eggs beans and some homemade garlic sauce but no meat for the princess’s sensitive stomach “I’m full,” she said “No, you are not,” said mother. “Eat up. Finish everything from your plate and trust me, it’s been calculated. It’s the right amount. Now eat up.” Father agreed.…

  • twist the blade

    2 April 2021 by

    she grabs a stool
    and places it into the corner
    of the room,
    climbs on it, assumes the lotus position
    and closes her eyes
    and covers her ears with headphones

    She faces the corner

    The voice that speaks into her
    headphones starts a

    her father shakes his head as
    he watches her
    “You can’t be serious,” he says. “Are
    you meditating again to ask God to make life
    fair? Is that it? What happened?
    Was your Uber late? Internet connection slow?

    She doesn’t hear him. The voice
    in her headphones says, “And twist. Remember
    to always twist. If you only stab
    him it’s not enough. That’s just gonna do
    a little damage that can be fixed with a quick visit
    to the ER. You have to twist the blade. That’s
    when the significant damage happens. Twist
    as much as you can. Show no mercy.
    Take advantage of
    the fact that he will not expect this from you.”

  • The knife listens by Bogdan Dragos

    31 March 2021 by

    but that handle was made for his hand hand – handle handle – hand the fingers would close around it to never let go It had to have flesh around it at all times But the blade… the blade was still naked. He couldn’t let the blade naked It wasn’t fair “So that’s why you… Read more

  • pink paint

    30 March 2021 by

    pink would be the right choice
    because the doctor said it will be a girl
    He would paint the room pink and await
    her coming into the world
    What a blessing
    How fortunate he felt
    His back and sides were tingling with

    He came out of the store and a
    homeless woman came his way
    and he was quick to say
    “Sorry, no spare change right now. I spent
    all I had on paint.”

    “That’s all right,” said the woman. “I don’t want
    your money. Actually, I was hoping you
    could give me some
    of your paint.”

    “My paint?”

    “Yeah.” She held a tin can to him

    “Um, all right,” he said and opened the
    can of paint and poured some into the woman’s
    can. “But what do you need paint for?”

    She watched him
    Put the tin can to her lips
    and drank the paint
    “Plan Z,” she said

    He wanted to say something in protest
    but couldn’t even gasp
    when he noticed her swollen belly

    He walked away and got into the car
    and drove home
    and just wasn’t as eager to paint that room

  • thick glass

    28 March 2021 by

    three weeks
    and the shards were still there
    still scattered on the tiles
    of the kitchen floor

    that was a thick glass
    meant for classy strong drinks
    like whiskey

    Yeah, now that he thought about it
    it was whiskey she
    ordered. But he filled
    the glass with milk and said,
    “You know what the doctor said, mother.
    No more alcohol for you. Here, try
    this instead.”

    And he would strongly
    prefer not to remember what followed

    The shards were still
    on the kitchen floor

    and the gash still on the side of
    his neck. Stitched now
    but painful nonetheless

  • the veins By Bogdan Dragos

    23 March 2021 by

    As promised, Bogdan opens fire with a short storie -j re crivello (Editor) Something wasn’t quite right in this small, barren room. The man sitting across the square table, dressed in a white coat, seemed a little to calm for someone in reaching distance. ‘I could just reach for that bald head and snap the… Read more

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  1. Hope things are cool and hot DR., I’m a bit curious, I was looking over your work, and wonder if you do any strip writing ? I ‘m working on a book that will be a finish play. I don’t want it to get to much graphic dialog but need the iron words to push these concepts. Any suggestions. Like instead of B, or F, MF, I thought Bush Wet, Funk n Fish, Mold Food, well if you get a minute, Thanks.


  2. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!


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