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  • The Muse’s Bad Touch – New poetry collection by Bogdan Dragos

    26 July 2021 by

    Here it is.

    A collection of dark poems highlighting the toxic and deadly relationship between poet and muse.

    DISCLAIMER: suitable only for a mature audience.

    D’ you like the cover? I designed it myself ∩(・ω・)∩

    Check out the free sample poems (and maybe leave a review). Thanks!

    I don’t wanna say that the poems contained in this book are dark. It would sound pretentious right off the bat. But, yeah, between dark and light, you know already where they are.

  • the outsider by Bogdan Dragos

    21 July 2021 by

    Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores:
    my neighbor from upstairs claims that God sticks post-it notes on his fridge overnight I did ask him what they said but he only told me that I’ll have to follow him to church if I want to find out I’m generally not a very curious guy so I declined…

  • good boy, Kyu

    19 July 2021 by

    this morning the pills
    have not been there

    top cabinet

    not there

    but of course the world wouldn’t explode
    if he didn’t take
    the pills for one day
    Things were going too fine to
    slip downhill now

    He didn’t need the pills. It
    actually was like the doctor said, the
    power was inside him
    The power to change
    to become better
    to leave the past behind. The
    power was in him
    And in dearest Kyu, his therapy dog,
    a small corgi who needed to be walked everyday

    He smiled as he thought of Kyu
    called him
    and Kyu came
    and he put the leash on
    and went outside

    The rain didn’t bother either of them
    Only problem during
    rainy days
    was the lack of other people
    to socialize with
    People hated rain and that was that
    but not him and Kyu

    They walked through the park
    and the rain grew more intense
    fatter drops

    the little rivulets flowing on the
    sides of the streets weren’t
    so little anymore
    This would turn out to be a total flood
    better go back home

    Kyu seemed to get the meaning
    they turned back
    and the rivulets at the sides of the street
    grew more potent
    and the leash grew lighter
    and lighter

    Gods! The rivulet carried Kyu away!

    Oh God, no! Straight into the
    curbside storm drain! In the sewer! Kyuuuuuu!

    And there was no one on the streets
    not even cars passing
    He had to do something
    by himself
    because no one would help him
    nobody ever helped him
    He had to pull himself out of this ditch by
    himself once

    Cursing between clenched teeth
    he dropped to his knees
    and crawled into the
    storm drain after his beloved Kyu

    He landed on hard concrete and broke
    his foot
    so badly that
    the jagged shinbone protruded through the flesh
    and skin and came out like a

    He screamed and cried
    and cursed the day he was born
    and the people in his life
    and outside of it
    Of course everyone would be outside of it
    Nobody would be in his life
    not mother
    not father
    not sister
    What friends? He never had any of those

    People were cold
    people wanted to see him cry
    because seeing him cry was their food
    and they needed food to stay alive,
    they needed to eat
    and their hunger was insatiable

    they should…just die actually

    The dirty water showered all around him
    and onto his wound
    and onto his head and eyes
    but he still saw it
    He saw them
    carrying Kyu away
    dragging him by the paws
    towards the darkest spot of the sewer
    despite his whimpering protests

    He screamed, shouted at them
    but they wouldn’t listen
    “Hey, you bastards, let him go!”

    No, they would not let Kyu go
    Words were not enough to
    convince people. He had to do something.
    He crawled after them
    through the cold filth
    with pain and determination propelling him

    Oh, it was them, of course
    Mother and father and sister
    they were dragging Kyu away from him
    just as they dragged everything away from him
    This was too much
    He couldn’t let this happen.
    Too much!

    He crawled after them
    and reached for his broken shinbone
    and pulled it out of the leg
    and stabbed them with it
    He kept stabbing at their backs
    heads, their throats, their chests, their arms

    “Thought you could take
    everything away from me
    my friends, my life, my love, my soul, my
    freedom, my purpose, my way,
    my choices, my health, my possibilities, and
    now even him,
    my dearest Kyu?
    Fuck you! I won’t let you! I
    won’t let you!”

    and he kept stabbing
    and stabbing

    until that hand just wouldn’t
    work anymore
    and he fell with his head on Kyu
    like on a pillow
    as he always did
    and darkness came about him

    Good night,

  • raccoon by Bogdan Dragos

    14 July 2021 by

    Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores:
    always cold in the north perhaps coming here was a mistake after all It’s not so much the weather as it is the ever gray sky It favors depression Lack of sunlight lack of vitamin D He walked his dog around the block and counted zero smiles out of sixty-three…

  • cave of forgotten gods

    9 July 2021 by

    all right,
    that sounded like good advice

    Put your room in order first
    and then your thoughts


    He started looking around the room
    for things that were
    to be thrown and things that were

    There were a few

    There was a broken snowboard
    on his bed
    It had the image of a naked girl
    painted along

    he slept with it at night
    and would often find himself placing
    his lips over hers
    and licking at her slim, long neck

    She had to go
    It was time to get rid of her
    and break out of this
    ridiculous lifestyle

    He grabbed it
    Looked at the girl for a good minute
    and decided to place the snowboard
    under his bed

    He knelt
    by the side of the bed and looked

    Alas, she had no room in there

    There was the forgotten cave of
    dead gods
    he no longer thought about
    And it was full

    There were body pillows with
    brown stains
    Hardened socks
    Doll heads
    A teddy bear with a hole carved between
    the legs
    A drinking glass stuffed with
    dishwashing sponges wrapped in plastic bags
    Magazines with crumpled pages
    Pictures printed on A4 paper
    Sealed jars that contained small figurines
    covered by a thick, brown substance
    like melted wax

    Those were the gods of nights
    long past
    They had their share of his worshiping
    and had been abandoned
    to rot away

    There was simply no more room
    for the present god
    to be disposed of

    “Funny,” he said
    looking at her from above. “Itss like
    all the ones who came before you
    had passed down their blessings
    onto you. I… I am sorry I tried to get
    rid of you, love. I’m such a fool! Don’t
    strike me down, please. I’ll… I can only
    try to make up for it.”

    He placed the snowboard back on
    the bed and
    ripped two pieces from a paper towel
    and placed them over the middle
    of the snowboard
    where the painted girl’s nakedness was exposed

    He pulled his pants down
    and mounted her

    Rubbed his penis against the
    paper towels
    and showered the girl’s face with
    while apologizing and shedding tears
    for wronging her so much

    By the time he came he
    felt forgiven
    and cleaned the stains that made it past
    the papers with his mouth

  • Failing Forward by Bogdan Dragos

    7 July 2021 by

    Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores:
    Mafalda by Quino in high school he repeatedly told her that he was saving himself for marriage and eventually she left him alone but after graduation she approached him yet again and this time he told her that he was focusing on his career as a writer they both had…

  • a king in his castle

    2 July 2021 by

    at 08:22 he awakens and pushes
    away the tarp he uses as blanket

    he’s already dressed up
    and wears shoes

    looks around at the blackening
    dampness of the walls

    stretches a bit

    takes off his coat and
    the blouse
    and the shirt
    and the tank-top

    grabs a tissue
    wets it with rubbing alcohol
    and uses it to wash his
    armpits. He knows it’s good for killing
    the bad smelling bacteria

    He knows much about how the world works
    for he’d been to school and even
    one year of collage in his youth

    When his armpits dry
    he dresses up
    and gets out and checks under the
    big flower pots that stand before the
    entry to the building

    He is wise to keep his savings there
    Otherwise the others would’ve
    smelled it on him and would’ve
    robbed him a long time ago
    He counts the money
    and feels satisfied with the sum

    At 09:30 he eats a warm meal at the
    local soup kitchen
    and turns down
    four bums who ask to borrow money

    At 10:10 he walks up to the
    big casino and

    Now his imagination kicks in

    Behind the entry
    he is greeted with luxury, he walks
    on the red carpet
    and sees the bright lights
    and the game attendants who greet him
    like a king

    He is the king in his vision
    and he had returned to his castle

    He smiles
    and walks around leisurely

    A man needs to have but a clear
    vision of a bright future
    to live a happy present

    He finds a seat
    in front of a slot machine

    puts the money into
    the bill acceptor
    and starts playing

    He is one of the happiest
    customers the casino
    ever had

  • a dead body in the room

    28 June 2021 by

    there was a dead body in the room

    Had to be

    Else where did the smell
    come from?

    Every time he’d turn around to catch
    a ghost or a zombie
    from the corner of his eyes the smell
    would slap him

    A smell of death

    He decided he’d look around for the
    dead body
    but later

    He didn’t have the energy now
    or the disposition
    or anything

    He only wanted to sleep
    some more
    He just woke up and needed a good
    nap to recover

    Perhaps there were times when it
    didn’t make sense
    but now, today, nothing made more
    sense that this

    All you need is a healthy
    dose of chronic depression and it makes

    Just like not cleaning the room
    and not taking a shower
    in a time longer than memory can be
    bothered to remember

    So he paced back to the bed
    and climbed in
    and dragged the blanket, heavy with
    caked dirt, on his body
    and closed his eyes

    He fell asleep in spite of
    the smell of death
    coming closer still

    The dreams were always a little bit better
    in the nap taken after
    waking up from
    the night’s sleep

    One time he even dreamed he
    was a published author. Not a great or
    even a good one, but published

  • childhood’s villain

    24 June 2021 by

    Father used his fists
    a lot
    Though never on the kids

    On the walls
    and the furniture
    and the doors
    and the mailbox
    and the fence
    and the neighbors
    and random people on the street
    and strangers in the bar
    and a few times the poor dog
    and one time on mother

    He was the childhood’s

    To defeat him one had
    to become a hero

    and becoming a hero
    took time

    And today
    after all this time
    the villain of childhood
    was dead

    He died at the hands of
    some other character,
    a neutral one

    A cop who told him to
    drop to the ground
    and father didn’t
    so he got shot

    That was it
    The end of his saga

    Utterly unsatisfactory
    just bad

    There was no final showdown
    between hero and villain

    because those things
    only happen in
    and childhood had ended a
    long time ago

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  1. Hope things are cool and hot DR., I’m a bit curious, I was looking over your work, and wonder if you do any strip writing ? I ‘m working on a book that will be a finish play. I don’t want it to get to much graphic dialog but need the iron words to push these concepts. Any suggestions. Like instead of B, or F, MF, I thought Bush Wet, Funk n Fish, Mold Food, well if you get a minute, Thanks.


  2. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!


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