Wear Gloves if you have to by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A dark figure in a black hoodie with gloved hands reaching out as if to choke someone
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funny thing was that they

were still kids

yet they loved each other much like

grown people did

They ran behind the barn

and behind a haystack and he had his

hands wrapped tightly around her

neck and squeezed hard

and moved like he tried to unscrew

something stuck

It left some nasty

red marks

She had her eyes rolled upwards

to the point where only white

was seen. White as the

froth around her lips

He let go

She blinked a few times

and spat. “No, what are you doing? Why

did you let go like that?

Oh my God, you’re so stupid! Just when

it was getting really good.”

“Sorry,” he said. “I was… M-my hands start


“What? Oh, you’re so lame! That’s

so weak!”

“Sorry,” he said

“Shut up and put your hands back. Get

some gloves if you have to.”


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songless bird

a songless bird

that would be the nicest
name she’d been

the others,
far more common,
that little wench
your bastard kid
the little rat
useless piece of shit that came outta you
and others

She liked the term
songless bird
It was a title worthy of her in
all the good and the
bad ways

The songless bird stands
locked in her room
and knocks and waves in
the window
for she has no voice to sing

She gives silent cries to the
neighbors and
the passersby when the noises
from the other side of
her door
get too violent

or when it smells
of smoke

Which happens
every now
and then

hope she’s okay wherever she is

she kept saying how much she
hated her tattoos

and kept showing them
to us

"Got 'em when I was young and
dumb and now I
jus' wanna rip my skin off."

She pulled her skirt up
to show one on her inner thigh. "Ugh, look at 
this one. It's supposed to
be a bottle of Jack but looks
like a wrinkly dick that's about to
get in. Shit, and this one… This one
looks more like a cunt than
an eye, really." She kept pulling her
skirt up farther and farther
until it became very
clear that she
had no underwear

"You wanna touch it? she'd ask
from time to time

It was funny cuz she was in her late
twenties and we
were kids. I was twelve if I remember right

She probably got a kick
out of making young boys horny 

It validated her
and we had not a damn thing to object

Good times

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