release of life-giving fluids by Bogdan Dragos

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 father was very patient today after he came back from work patient enough to wait for diner to be over and the table to be cleaned and the bedroom door closed before he started shouting at mother Well, she couldn't just sit back and take it. She shouted right back, louder, and just like that another fight exploded there Fights were always a problem A growing boy can't jerk off to drawings of busty women having great fun with tentacle monsters on the screen of his computer while his parents are fighting in the other room It breaks the immersion, goddammit So he turned off the computer and stood with his pants and underwear about his ankles and jerked off to the fight itself Shit, sometimes it's harder to stop the horniness than it is to stop a war An ungodly accumulation of energy has to be released somehow, else…

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heavy cross, tight shackle by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

 The house doesn't feel like home, mother. Not since you left for the other world after father left for another house from outside town   Now there's just me here. And my older brother who is younger than me mentally and will remain so for the rest of his life He still hears whispers coming from every dark corner of the house and because of this our electric bill is enormous   I can no longer take this   I'm not strong enough   I'm not willing enough   This cross is too damn heavy. It's breaking my back, breaking my soul   I want to get a better job and eventually a car and a wife and start a family   I can't do that while taking care of my troubled brother   I quit.   Tonight I will make his nightmares come true The electricity will go out…

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