Better Go Back to Sleep by Bogdan Dragos

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A group of mannequins against a reddish backdrop of destruction and the lead mannequin has its eyes taken out
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the body awakens

once more

without the mind’s


It’s evening

Slept through the whole


and another night

of staying alive

stretches ahead

more hours of


when will it end,

when will it all be over


Uh, not the time to get

out of bed yet.

Better sit and think

about the dream

the dream of a black


locked in a big room

full of mannequins

that stare at him

and some

of them point

with their rigid arms

The dog shows his

fangs and

starts tearing them apart

one by one

until not a single

stupid mannequin is left on

its rigid feet

then everything feels


the room lightens


It’s been the best

goddamn dream in

a long, long while

Dogs deserve their revenge

upon the world

Even if it’s just a dream

You can’t meet in



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there can be only one of us. The other one’s got to go by Bogdan Dragos

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noise never attracted me it always did the opposite, so when this bar too got noisy I got out of there and went back home Well, life is strange this way. When you walk away from something, you find something else Like a pesky street magician shoving cards in your face, begging you to pick one, the universe likes to present you things, events, people There was more noise in my apartment building than at the bar Someone was throwing a lousy party I didn't have a problem with the party in itself. It was the music I couldn't stand The music was shit And just as I make my way up the stairs I see this girl seated ahead of me, dressed for the occasion. Black high heels with crimson red soles, black skirt and some black tank top. Her hair was done in voluminous curls, the makeup was…

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knight piece

the knight piece of
a chess board
is a sharp thing
because of the horse's pointy ears

This old man came into the ER
with one of those stuck
in his eye
and of course the medics asked how the hell
did it happen

He told them he didn't see with
that eye anyway

"Yes, but still, why did you do it? Why
would you stab the piece
into your eye like that?"

Someone whispered 'dementia'
The patient was in his mid eighties

He told them,
"I just had to get out of that place. Y'all
have anything to drink 'round here?"

The next day an article had been printed
in the local paper

It was long
and few people read it

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