Soul Cells by Bogdan Dragos

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I can see it


even though the napkin is

folded and crumpled

around the small things

it covers,

I can see on it

a drawing of a dragon

with flowers for horns

it pokes its

forked tongue at me

and winks

also its eyes

have long lashes

“You listening?” she says

shaking the

fist that holds the


I can no longer see

the dragon drawn

on it


I say

She proceeds to open the

napkin and

reveals a few small, white


“Forget what they taught

you in school. Despite

all they said,

the nerve cells of the brain

can actually be regenerated.

It’s been proven.

An’ you can do it

with these here beauties.

C’mon, take one.”

“What?” I said. “I didn’t

know my nerve cells

are damaged.”

“That’s because your

nerve cells

are damaged,” she said


“No, seriously. They have…

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a distracted dreamer

what else to do when
the rain falls so heavy
against the window
Get melancholic
get poetic
have a drink
have another
close and then lock the door
to your room
and don't listen to
the voices coming
from outside
They want to distract you
They don't want you
to be successful
and make it in
They're all haters
He covered his ears
and squinted his eyes at the
computer screen
doing his best to block out
the negativity that came
from beyond the door
“I can't get up!” the voice
croaked. “Come help me. I can't
get up.” And then with
a cry, “Please!”
“Shut the fuck up, grandma!
I'm trying to
write in here. Jesus Christ, I'm
trying to make
it big, don't you understand?
For fuck's sake now.”
He had also sent a manuscript
to a potential
publisher and was waiting for
a reply. It's been
two days already 

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