like ants crawling up to a dead thing by Bogdan Dragos

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the days follow each other like ants towards a dead thing and after enough of them pass by, you finally realize you are that dead thing And that's supposed to be alright. After all, no one is excused from this All we can do is make the journey pleasant However, when the alarm wakes you up at 6:30 in the morning, announcing that there's yet another day in which you'll have to attend your duties of slaving away for others to get rich, when you're slipping into the other half of your life not bringing along any fulfilled dreams despite trying again and again... Another day in which you'll be assaulted by questions like, "Hey, so when are you going to get married?" "Have you even someone to marry?" "Why don't you get another job. Aren't you a bit too old for this one?" "How much do they pay you?"…

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the music
makes my lungs quake 

there are people 
all around 
jumping up and down 
howling into each other's 

the lights blaze from above
and the sides 
and even from the floor 

the immense room feels 
like the surface 
of a star 

and its inhabitants dance 
and cheer 
in the flames 

Everyone is happy 
everyone's ecstatic 

having the time of their

And I am amidst 
them all 

They are talking to me
Expecting replies 

The party goes 
on and on
and on 

God... I've never felt lonelier
in my life.

A Bouquet of Blood Roses by Bogdan Dragos

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The abstract image of a young woman in red with a red rose superimposed over her
Image Source: Canva

even the full moon

felt like a

spotlight above him

It made him

sweat in

the cold night

as he

wandered the streets

Nothing too out of

the ordinary

about him. Just an

average guy

wearing average clothes

and carrying a

rather thick strand of hair

in his breast pocket

crimson red

and long as a


He would hold on

to it for

the rest of his life,

no doubt about it

Surely it was a thing that

he could take

along even

if he would be dragged into


which was definitely not

out of the

question at this time

His tired pacing


him away from the main


and towards the back


where he stopped

before a dumpster and


and held the crimson

strand of hair in his palms

like a crushed flower,

watering it with

his tears

as he began…

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how do I get to this guy? by Bogdan Dragos

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and again we sit around the table and this guy goes at it once more babbles nonstop about how life is meaningless and how nothing we ever do will have any meaning in the end Ultimately, he says, there is no reason to strive for anything. There is no reason to live You might be thinking that you can become immortal by leaving something behind such as a grand work of art, but you're simply wrong If the whole world ceases to be, if, say, the sun swallows the Earth in but a few years then who will be here to admire your work? It was all pointless, wasn't it? Being and staying alive bears no meaning. Nature is ultimately indifferent to you and your satisfaction in life We are nothing. Forget about dust. We aren't even dust but something infinitely less dust has no meaning and neither have we…

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The Law of Luck by Bogdan Dragos

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A young man with a bloody beaten up face and his fists raised at face level
Image Source: Canva

the last bar brawl

left him without

a chunk of his

upper lip

and a nose busted

beyond recognition

now his whole face

was swollen

like he was

wearing a

cheap rubber mask

his opponent

used brass knuckles

it seemed. Getting shot

probably wouldn’t have

hurt as much

but luckily he

kept his


Actually the teeth were fake

from another


but at least they didn’t

come off

It was a weird sort

of luck

And the law of luck was

what he believed in

and he theorized about

it whenever he

got drunk

or high on his prescription


“A balance has to

be maintained,” he said. “This

thing is sacred. An’ I’ll

fight everybody

who says it ain’t so!”

Likely a lot

of people

said it ain’t so

“There’s a sacred balance

in the universe.

You cannot have a streak

of bad luck


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many other lies to uncover by Bogdan Dragos

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she kicks the dust with her tennis shoes that were cut off to look like sandals squats and picks up the earwig shows it to him tilts her head to the side and brushing her hair back she puts the earwig into her earlobe like in a bowl The insect doesn't get inside the ear canal. It quickly crawls out and struggles to run away back towards the ground "See?" she demands as she stands and places her hands on hips. "It doesn't go into the ear. It's a lie! It's been a lie all along. And you believed it like the idiot you are. Don't you wanna slap yourself now? You've been living a lie. They've controlled you like a dog." He watched her. Said nothing Suddenly she twisted her face in a grimace and in a gruff voice said, "If you keep making ugly faces you'll remain stuck…

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cave of forgotten gods

all right,
that sounded like good advice

Put your room in order first
and then your thoughts


He started looking around the room
for things that were
to be thrown and things that were

There were a few

There was a broken snowboard
on his bed
It had the image of a naked girl
painted along

he slept with it at night
and would often find himself placing
his lips over hers
and licking at her slim, long neck

She had to go
It was time to get rid of her
and break out of this
ridiculous lifestyle

He grabbed it
Looked at the girl for a good minute
and decided to place the snowboard
under his bed

He knelt
by the side of the bed and looked

Alas, she had no room in there

There was the forgotten cave of
dead gods
he no longer thought about
And it was full

There were body pillows with
brown stains
Hardened socks
Doll heads
A teddy bear with a hole carved between
the legs
A drinking glass stuffed with
dishwashing sponges wrapped in plastic bags
Magazines with crumpled pages
Pictures printed on A4 paper
Sealed jars that contained small figurines
covered by a thick, brown substance
like melted wax

Those were the gods of nights
long past
They had their share of his worshiping
and had been abandoned
to rot away

There was simply no more room
for the present god
to be disposed of

“Funny,” he said
looking at her from above. “It's like
all the ones who came before you
had passed down their blessings
onto you. I… I am sorry I tried to get
rid of you, love. I’m such a fool! Don’t
strike me down, please. I’ll… I can only
try to make up for it.”

He placed the snowboard back on
the bed and
ripped two pieces from a paper towel
and placed them over the middle
of the snowboard
where the painted girl’s nakedness was exposed

He pulled his pants down
and mounted her

Rubbed his penis against the
paper towels
and showered the girl’s face with
while apologizing and shedding tears
for wronging her so much

By the time he came he
felt forgiven
and cleaned the stains that made it past
the papers with his mouth

a king in his castle

at 08:22 he awakens and pushes
away the tarp he uses as blanket

he’s already dressed up
and wears shoes

looks around at the blackening
dampness of the walls

stretches a bit

takes off his coat and
the blouse
and the shirt
and the tank-top

grabs a tissue
wets it with rubbing alcohol
and uses it to wash his
armpits. He knows it’s good for killing
the bad smelling bacteria

He knows much about how the world works
for he’d been to school and even
one year of collage in his youth

When his armpits dry
he dresses up
and gets out and checks under the
big flower pots that stand before the
entry to the building

He is wise to keep his savings there
Otherwise the others would’ve
smelled it on him and would’ve
robbed him a long time ago
He counts the money
and feels satisfied with the sum

At 09:30 he eats a warm meal at the
local soup kitchen
and turns down
four bums who ask to borrow money

At 10:10 he walks up to the
big casino and

Now his imagination kicks in

Behind the entry
he is greeted with luxury, he walks
on the red carpet
and sees the bright lights
and the game attendants who greet him
like a king

He is the king in his vision
and he had returned to his castle

He smiles
and walks around leisurely

A man needs to have but a clear
vision of a bright future
to live a happy present

He finds a seat
in front of a slot machine

puts the money into
the bill acceptor
and starts playing

He is one of the happiest
customers the casino
ever had

just some average guy with an interesting life by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

quite a few times she had to ask him why he was so shy He thought it was just normal to be shy on a first date no matter how many other dates you've been on with other girls He was afraid of getting too deep into relationships, mainly because girls didn't like guys who still lived with their parents He lived with his father who worked as a butcher His clothes were always stained by blood and smelled of salt and iron but worst of all was that he was drunk more often than not About thirty minutes into the date his phone rang and he excused himself to answer. It was his father "Listen buddy. I kinda need your help." "Dad, I kinda need you to understand that I can't save your ass every time you get in trouble thanks to your drinking. I'm busy right now." "Oh?…

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we gotta spend more time together

“I was ten years old,” she said,
her head resting on
my shoulder. “And the flames
covered the damn sky. Though our
neighbor was actually
lucky. Lucky I
didn’t burn his house. I mean,
motherfucker had it
coming. You don’t run over a girl’s
puppy and expect to
get out scratch free, you know?”

“I too had a neighbor
who ran over
my puppy with his tractor,” I said.
“I think I was also around

“And what did you do
about it?” she asked

“Nothing,” I said

“What? But how?”

“Like I said, I was just some
insignificant kid from
the countryside. All I could
do was cry.”

“My God,” she said, “that’s so
fucking lame. Where’s
that neighbor of
yours today?”

“I’ve no idea. Perhaps he’s dead.
He was pretty old
when it all happened.”

“If that’s the case then
you have the duty to
go piss on his grave. At least.”

“Um… I wouldn’t know where
that is. And besides,
I learned to forgive.”

“That’s what the weak say. What
kind of man are you?”

“One who doesn’t hold grudges?”

She sighed. “We gotta spend
more time together.”

“And learn from one another?” I asked

She didn’t reply

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