Not for the Good, Not for the Wicked, and Not for Those in Between by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

The close up of the lower half of a man's face with a bloodied mouth
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it was 01:30 AM

but he would never


The last time he had

a watch

was when he got jumped

in the streets

for it

He didn’t hide it well

enough. Wanted

to pawn it

for liquor money

but all he drank

that night was

his own blood

This night however

he didn’t have

even that

He wasn’t in the

streets anymore

but in the cool basement

of some abandoned


scheduled to be demolished

A noise woke him


His heart calmed down

only when his eyes

saw that it wasn’t human

He’d rather

be visited by a ghost

but it was just the black

cat that roamed around

the building. She always

found something

to eat in

the dumpsters nearby

and was friendly to

humans, even

accepted pats sometimes

“I wish I could be

like you,” he told her

in a ragged whisper

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If you don’t make friends with rejection it’ll become your stalker

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Gobblers & Masticadores

By Bogdan Dragos

the building was scheduled to be demolished it was already just a pile of rubble standing somewhat together It'll probably be demolished by the same local company that rejected his application for a job When you're homeless not even demolition companies will hire you Or perhaps it was because he kept making advances to the manager who interviewed him Well, he was drunk and thought the manager was quite beautiful in her worker's attire so he got double rejected Eh, wouldn't be for the first time though If you don't make friends with rejection it'll become your stalker "Fuckin' shit!" he said, kicking at the corner of a wall and dislodging a piece of concrete He would've kicked some more but didn't wanna do the job for the damned company that rejected him There was nothing else to do but get down, stand with the back against…

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The Way to Worship the Devil by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A red faced evil looking devil with red horns on its head
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the black metal was


in the speakers

but the

painted faces on

her wallpapers

no longer grinned

at her

and no longer whispered

too bad,

the drugs wore off

Well, the best part about

living with grandpa

was that she could

simply get out in the

middle of the night

dressed however she wanted

and return in the morning

with whatever she could get

The old man

wasn’t like the

stereotypes she read about

on the internet

He spent all his days

and nights

in his


hunched over a small desk

sitting in a

creaky chair

that meowed every time he

turned a page

in the notebook he

was writing

‘He probably does more

drugs than

I do,’ she thought.

A few days ago

she went into the


and found a bunch of

burnt logs and twigs

in the bathtub

Being high

an’ all…

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No One has Seen True Horror until they’ve Seen a Heaven without Animals by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

An abstract image of a cross against a red backdrop and a silhouette of a dog next to it
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a dog doesn’t know

much about

the world,

as most animals don’t

and they don’t care

about the world

or about their inability

to comprehend it

Animals are perfectly


like human babies

Well I knew this girl

who was an animal rights


and couldn’t make her

peace with

animals not following their

owners to heaven

Animals don’t go to heaven,

is what religion stated

She had visited heaven

a few times

and came back. It’s done through

intense meditation

and with the help of

a few special mushrooms

And every time she had

visited heaven

she saw no

animals there

If heaven doesn’t have


then heaven is not worth

going to,

she concluded

and she meditated some

more and

had more out-of-body


and experimented with

new shrooms and herbs

It eventually became clear

to her

that animals don’t go

to heaven

because they…

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Un mort inteligent

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MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

în viața de apoi,
creaturile care s-au strâns în jurul lui
l-au întrebat: 
– De ce-ai făcut-o? De ce ai sărit în
fața acelui tren?

El ridică din umeri. 
– Viața nu mai merita
și voiam să mă răzbun.

– Să te răzbuni?

– Da, să mă răzbun.

– Pe cine? 

– Pe tipul care conducea locomotiva, evident.
Adică uitați-vă și voi, soția mea
divorțează de mine, un avocat, ca
să fie cu un dinăsta de conduce trenuri.
Vă vine să credeți?
Trebuia să fac ceva în
legătură cu asta. I-am sărit înaintea
trenului și acuma saracu’ are 
șoc post-traumatic, depresie, e pe cale să-și
piardă slujba, soția mea își reconsideră
intențiile de-a fi cu el. 
Viața lui e nașpa, ce să mai zic? 

– Uau... ești un mort inteligent, nu glumă.

Imagine de Jozef Baka de la Pixabay

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I Will Never Again Believe What You Say by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A young woman with blood smeared on her face and clothes holding a battered and bloody teddy bear
Image Source: Canva

At 1 AM she screamed

for daddy to

come quick, quick

and look under the bed

There were noises

and growls there,

she told him

Daddy turned the light on


dropped to his knees

and crawled to the edge of

her bed

Lifted the sheets

looked under

and felt the knife plunge

into his nape

His body dropped to

the floor and

struggled a bit before

giving a final breath

She threw the blanket

over him

and climbed off

dropped to her knees

and looked under the bed

with a grin

“It’s all right,” she said, “you

can come out now.”

But there was

no one

and nothing to

come out

that fucker lied


Just like with the hamster

and then the dog

now it was

her father

What or who

will be next?

She lay down

on her belly

and knocked the butt


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dreams of drunk men

the dreams of drunks are the strangest
and often most beautiful

It’s what he
came to think this morning
after he woke up with
the empty glass under the blanket

Surely it was that glass
and the liquor in his guts
that made him dream of a frozen woman, clear
as glass

She smiled at him
with diamond teeth and stooped like only
a professional stripper could
next to his limp body

She rolled him onto his belly
and his limpid, numb eyes
watched her grow an icicle from between
her legs
but they closed by the time
she carved a hole into his liver and
began to fuck him until the
ice melted

That was a nice dream,
he concluded

And tonight he’d go to sleep
with two glasses 
and a bottle under
the blanket

The knife listens by Bogdan Dragos

but that handle was made for his hand hand – handle handle – hand the fingers would close around it to never let go It had to have flesh around it at all times But the blade… the blade was still naked. He couldn’t let the blade naked It wasn’t fair “So that’s why you […]

The knife listens by Bogdan Dragos

they are legend

the little girl was scared
at first
but now she was terrified
and about to have
a panic attack

He kept her tight
in his arms and covered her
ears and
told her to calm down
and that everything will
be all right

It was 02:24 AM and the
knocks in
the door and all around
the walls and windows
still carried on

And there were howls
coming from
outside and
curses and a constant sound
of nails scratching
on wood

“Daddy, I’m scared! I’m…”

“I know, dear, I know. But
you have to
calm down. Remember to focus
on your breathing like I told you.
Deep, deep breaths, okay? Deep. In
and out. I promise you,
tomorrow everything’s gonna
be fine. I swear.”

“Is it zombies?” asked the
little girl.

“No, dear. It’s something else.”

“What’s it called?”

“An ex-girlfriend, dear.”


“the veins” Short Story by Bogdan Dragos

The Chamber Magazine

Something wasn’t quite right in this small, barren room. The man sitting across the square table, dressed in a white coat, seemed a little to calm for someone in reaching distance.

‘I could just reach for that bald head and snap the neck real nice,’ he thought as he watched the man. ‘What does he want from me? More questions?’

It was indeed more questions.

“So,” said the man in the white coat, “if you are ready to speak, I am ready to listen. I am here for you.”

“How come you’re still alive?” he asked the man.

And the man answered, “What do you mean?”

“Are you one of the few who adapted?”

“Adapted? That’s interesting. Please, explain. What do you understand through this adaptation you speak of?”

He shrugged. “I just… thought I’m the only one who adapted. To the new life.”

“I see. And what about your…

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