transgressive fiction needs to make a comeback by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

he used to write those very intense works about human suffering and degeneracy and the corruption of good souls into evil criminals - Breaking Bad style He hated supranatural stuff in writing. Stayed away from it. “It’s just stupid,” he said. “There’s more than enough magic, both dark and light, into the human heart to keep a reader entertained. You don’t need to invent it, just report it.” And he did in every one of his twelve books but unfortunately not one of them got published He had two agents who saw something in some of his works and tried to sell them, but after numerous failures they both gave up and parted ways with him Apparently it just wasn’t meant to be “It’s the state of today’s world,” he said. “The large majority of people have been reduced to an infantilized status. This generation grows up only with the…

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Ouija board by Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

Well, when you’re desperate you’re… “Me,” he said He was alone in the room and lonely enough to have bought one of those Ouija boards from some old woman who called herself a medium It was time to try it out All he hoped for was a sexy ghost that would haunt him, maybe hurt him a bit, he wouldn’t mind Anything just to take away the soul-crushing loneliness Anything! He said the prayers exactly as the medium instructed and did the breathing exercises and was ready to use the board he moved the piece to spell HELLO got no answer Looked around the room Nothing Again, he spelled HELLO. IS ANYONE HERE? ANYONE AT ALL? ARE YOU FEMALE? Nothing Nothing new at least. Only more loneliness and more frustration and lower down the rabbit hole of misfits he slipped WELL FUCK YOU! he spelled and jammed the pointy side…

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sometimes you don’t have to lead the insane to happiness, but to follow

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

By Bogdan Dragos

he would start whistling Very random and very loud even at night in bed and stopping him was very much a gamble The caterpillar-like stitches on his wife’s arm were a testimony to that He’s never been the same since his head injury Poor fellow just had the terrible, terrible luck to walk underneath an overpass while some teenagers were throwing big rocks for fun Now he kept calling the emergency number and crying that his wife had gone missing when she’d be just in the other room or at work The neighbors filed noise complaints because of his nightly whistling and apparently he no longer knew how to use the toilet paper. He always smelled and it was worse when he climbed in bed besides his wife It was hell and hell broke people and tonight again he started whistling and woke her up and as…

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Pour the Whiskey Over My Heart and Set It On Fire by Bogdan Dragos

Gnome Appreciation Society

What Da Cover Says: Horror Sleaze Trash proudly presents the poems of Bogdan Dragos.

What I Says: I have followed Dragos on WordPress for many years now and he has entertained me all that time with some bloody good poems, you are guaranteed to get something dark and fucked-up that will give ya a chuckle….unless it’s just me giggling.

Horror Sleaze Trash presents this mighty fine collection from Dragos, it contains some of his most twisted material, I love how again and again he is able to surprise me with how the poem ends. In my opinion the tone of a poetry collection is always set by the first one, it has to be strong and it needs to get some kind of rise from you or you ain’t gonna enjoy what’s next, Dragos starts us off with “some things can never be put back together” a brilliant start, messed…

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dirty eyes By Bogdan Dragos

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Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

the woman with the dirty eyes, they called her as she always beheld people like they were but dust in her eyes Her face would make that expression of pure disgust one feels while passing a homeless drunk in the streets. Fallen and stained with piss and feces and blood People weren't worthy to be held in her eyes but the people were everywhere she looked So she looked less into the world and more into her papers where she drew the few things she saw Every human being was drawn with hair covering their eyes and every animal with human eyes, clean eyes she'd been drawing all her life and now more than ever before She had a new dog now. One so meek and so obedient that it allowed her to stretch open its eyes and lick them with her tongue "There is much inspiration to be tasted…

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a fine day to meet a genius by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

I saw him busy and focused beyond focus over a yellow legal pad that he held in his lap He squeezed the pen like struggling to strangle a snake and his tongue was poked and clasped tight in a corner of his small mouth for maximum concentration "Damn kid," I told him. "Now that's a flow state, if I ever seen one. What's your secret?" He made the briefest eye contact and said, "If I took the time to tell you, I'd lose it." That was the best answer I ever got. The kid was a genius. I was standing in the shadow of a giant right there in that cafe. I beheld a god But his mother wasn't very fond of me talking to her kid as I passed their table to go to the bathroom I tried to explain to her that I also write Kinda... Well that…

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Bogdan Dragos has renewed with Masticadores

(づ ◕‿◕ )づ BIG THANK YOU to Masticadores!! 

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

Masticadores&Gobblers is pleased to announce that Bogdan Dragos has renewed with us; It is the fourth time and series that we will publish it. We have already sent by the author 50 pages that we will gladly present to everyone week by week.

We will say that Bogdan is very followed and the visits and readings of him are very high, with which sometimes an edition of a book of poems is not as read as his publications in Masticadores (and in MasticadoresIndia too)

Thank you Bogdan!


j re crivello

Founder and Director of Masticadores (16 blogs, in 10 countries and 5 languages)

Masticadores&Gobblers tiene el placer de anunciar que Bogdan Dragos ha renovado con nosotros; es la cuarta vez y serie que le publicaremos. Tenemos ya enviados por el autor 50 páginas que con gusto presentaremos a todos semana a semana.

Diremos que Bogdan…

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You continue because of it by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

it's a bit cold I'm sitting by the margin of the river Fishing A bit upset There were too many fish who escaped my nets I sigh throw 'em again wait I catch one pull it out and stomp on its golden head rip it apart from the body and drink its blood ... Yeah, bullshit I'm sitting in the office night shift supervising casinos through CCTV cameras it's 05:53 and I'm ignoring work to write poems like this one and something always comes up and makes me forget my ideas The phone rings Some customer causes trouble in some casino Some other customer is suspected of cheating A bouncer falls asleep on his chair due to lack of activity The game attendant flirts with a customer There's a bill fallen on the floor and I've to determine its owner A bunch of idiots are being too loud Some other…

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So, Have You Made It? by Bogdan Dragos

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MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

The abstract close up of a bearded man's face with a front and side profile overlapping
Image: Snappa

the bus seat creaked and roared

with protest

as he sat down

He ignored it

and looked out the window

It won’t be that long of a journey

but it’ll be the

most painful one

He was going home

After all the years spent chasing dreams

“So, have you made it?” they will ask

“Made it?” he’ll say. “Didn’t you see I

came here by bus? Does that

look to you like I made it? Does

that scream ‘Bestselling Author’ to you?”

But of course

they’ll just ask to be nice

or to make conversation

or simply as a means to

reaffirm their ‘I told you!’

Or maybe even to mock

It was 18:22 by the time the bus

arrived at his stop

He didn’t get out

From 09:00 to 18:22

it’s a lot of time to think

about all you haven’t thought about

in 26 years


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she gives love, kindness, warmth, acceptance. And never judges

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

By Bogdan Dragos

the woman smiled at him
and showed her
legs from beneath a
white coat

She was close to his face

Stretched on the label of
the rubbing alcohol bottle

70% alcohol

He liked this woman because her
smile never faded
and she was always inviting

"Oh, if you insist," he said
and made an
effort to push himself away from the
moldy pillow and stand

He grabbed the bottle
added some water
held his breath
and drank

The words "I love you," came from his mouth
enveloped in thick steam

and there was a brutal
growl in his guts

but none of that
mattered. The woman was still
smiling at him, still

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